About Future Forward

the founder and ceo

My way is my way. Your way is your way. And together we have a way. Sashka Regina.

It’s time for us humans to have conversations without judgement, where we can empathize with one another and listen. 

It’s time to break stigma’s and ditch the labels. To challenge our human-ness. 

Anything that involves change isn’t easy but when you DO move through the comfort zone, magic happens.

This space on the world wide web and beyond is for humans of all ages, races, sex and gender to come together and converse about 7 of the World Health Organisations’ Global Goals. 

I am a strong advocate for rising together and not having to go any path on your own. I may not agree with your chosen path but I have to respect that it is YOUR path and I have to know how I can support you on that path the best way I can fulfil my purpose. 

the team

The genius behind the words. This is Suanne La Rose.

International girl child of the world, born in Guyana, South America, raised in Africa and world explorer. Lover of words and taking pictures are my creative outlet. 

WhenI’m not adventuring and taking pictures, you’ll find me piecing together 1000 piece puzzles or playing scrabble.

Favourite quote – Eyes are windows to the soul because they are the most honest part of the face.

the team

The genius behind the words. This is Rachel Schor.

Rachel Schor is the founder of Almnd – a consulting company that aims to provide exceptional operational, digital, marketing, creative, and design support to entrepreneurs and small businesses – all from a place of passion and pleasure. She has worked in all different occupational fields – from politics to the arts; the food and beverage industry to social media – which allows her to provide out of the box solutions and creative ideas unlike anyone else.

Rachel is a graduate of The George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs where she received her BA in International Affairs with a concentration in Conflict Resolution and a Minor in Spanish and is currently in the process of completing her Certification in Applied Positive Psychology from The Flourishing Center.

A jack of all trades (and, self-admittedly, the queen of Googling what she doesn’t know) Rachel is a lifelong learner. In her free time, she can be found reading – whether it is a traditional book or a cookbook is really a toss-up, cooking, or watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race (we all have a guilty pleasure).

Rachel lives with her partner Hayden and their dog Denver in Portland, OR.

how it works?

Our Contributors are from all over the world, different ages, race, sex, gender and professions.

We get together to converse on seven of the World Health Organisations’ Global Goals. Our goal is not to convince anyone of our opinions or viewpoints. Our goal is to share with you, the reader, what REAL people around the world are EXPERIENCING in their own lives and how they have learned to COPE with the tools that they have. We aren’t perfect, nor are we the experts, but we do have something to share with you – especially when you feel like no-one is listening or sees you.

We do.

Future Forward Hub & Events

Conversations beyond the obvious. We release content gradually so that you have time to read and explore its content. Future Forward Hub isn’t about pumping out content to overwhelm. We like to take it easy and enjoy the consumption of content, one delicious conversation at a time. Join us today.