FFH 3 Can mental health be fixed, healed or solved

FFH 03: Can mental health be fixed, healed or solved with Karin Monster-Peters, Verushka Weyers and Gareth Stubbs – Future Forward Hub Contributors

This is what we’ll be talking about on this episode:


1. The stigma around Mental Health: How do we refer to Mental Health and break the stigma around it?

2. 264 million people worldwide are suffering from Mental Health – What steps are there to come out of this space and ask for help and support?

3. How does a diagnosed Schizophrenic overcome Mental Health / Depression / Suicidal Thoughts?

4. How do Nurses cope with Mental Health when patients around you are prone to dying and the depression that new mom’s experience once giving birth to prem babies.


This and more we delve into, in this week’s episode.

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