FFH 09: Mental Health – Dealing with Suicide an Honest Conversation

With Gareth Stubbs and Tanya Arler –Future Forward Hub Contributors, and guest  Mark Stephen Pooler.

Good Health and Wellbeing– the 3rd Global Goal with the World Health Organisation.


This is what we’ll be talking about on this episode:

1. Why do we choose to live life, despite the deep, dark rabbit hole of despair?
2. The difference lies in TALKING to yourself and not LISTENING to yourself – how does one do this?
3. How do you love yourself and show yourself: Self-worth, self-compassion, forgiveness.
4. What needs to be in place to seek help for thoughts on suicide or the attempt of it?


We delve into much more in this week’s episode.


Let’s keep the conversation going folks … leave us a comment and let us know how this episode impacted your thoughts and views around suicide, helping yourself and others.

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