FFH 19: The Influence of Sales for Decent Work and Economic Growth

With Leenna Jayachaandran.

In this episode we focus on the 8th Global Goal of the World Health Organisation: Decent Work and Economic Growth, with this in mind we discuss:


  1. The evolvement of Wolf-of-Wallstreet selling towards a more customer-centric-value and experience-based selling
  2. What is sustainable selling and how does one use and implement it in your company?
  3. The value of good leadership that influences good and ethical sales
  4. The implementation of good and ethical sales for a product and/or service in a corporation with a team and/or within a solopreneur company
  5. How sales can influence the achievement of Decent Work and Economic Growth Global Goal


Resources and Links for you from the show:

Stephen Covey – Speed of Trust https://www.speedoftrust.com/
Transdefy – Founder Leenna Jayachaandran https://transdefy.com/
Understand and identity who your target audience is https://learn.brandsashka.com/course/soul-client-short-training/ 


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