FFH 21: The Education of Pre-entreprenurship

The education of pre-entrepreneurship and the comparison between the theory and practice of SME and Entrepreneurship studies.


Our guests today include:

Korbinian Dobmeier, Markus Muckenhuber, Roland Palli, Luis Rademacher, Lennart Rehse in a discussion panel focusing on the 4th Global Goal: Quality Education. With this in mind we discuss:

  1. Is there a big difference between theory and practice in learning entrepreneurship?
  2. Which models and theories have been tested and/or outdated for entrepreneurship?
  3. Why is the Business Canvas Model so successful amongst entrepreneurs and in practice?
  4. How important is gut instinct for entrepreneurship?
  5. Should mindset be a curriculum in entrepreneurship?
  6. What is the most valuable piece of feedback to the research conducted for entrepreneurship?


Join in the discussion on social media or in the comments below, let us know what stood out, and what made you think.


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