FFH 24: It’s OK and Cool to be Trans with Katie Neeves (part 1)

Being a transgender woman who is currently in transition, Katie offers a very personal, powerful and authentic insight into what it’s like to be transgender in the UK. She is not associated with any campaign groups and she has no hidden agenda. She tells her story with humour and in a refreshingly un-corporate and non-political manner. She is not afraid to tell it like it is.

In this episode we cover:

  • Transgender terminology explained
  • From wound-to-healing, guilt-to-peace. Living a life in peace
  • Suppressing your identity and afraid of the unknown – what is that and how can you implement steps to moving forward?
  • The narrative of ‘coming out’ – is this a phase or choice?


Resources and Links for you from the show:

  1. Katie Neeves cool2btrans.co.uk
    Book that Katie worked through during her own transition
  2. “You and your gender identity” by Dara Hoffman-Fox.   Here’s a link to it on Amazon: Link
  3. The Future Forward Hub Live Event futureforwardhub.com/live-event-2021


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