FFH 28: Grief isn’t Pretty, but it’s Beautiful (part 2)

This second part of a 2-parter episode is for you if you’re someone who feels a certain amount of sadness and/or heaviness hanging over you, leaving you on auto-pilot. You cannot put your finger on what it is you’re going through and feel a little in-between and out of sorts and in a bit of a daze. You may just be grieving and this episode discusses how and why.


Today we speak on this episode about:

  • What is grief and what is the difference between grief and suffering?
  • How does one teach children about grief?
  • How does one grieve and nurture?
  • What are natural resources to manage grief?
  • Can grief lead to mental illness?


Katie’s Resources to look out for:
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3. Sign-up to get Katie’s new book “The New Face Of Grief”


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