FFH 29: Unlocking and Understanding The Brain of an HSP Part 1

This episode is for you, should you have been told more than once, that you’re OTT, too emotional, sleep poorly, have a full head (mind with lots of ideas), visionary, creative, innovator, fear of new things, burn-out, you feel too much, you’re sensitive to light, loud sounds, smell and more. What has been conditioned for you to believe is ‘wrong’ within you, has in fact, been your talents, and this episode uncovers for you, why, as well as the importance it has on achieving the Global Goal of Good HEalth and Well Being and Quality Education.


Today we speak on this episode about:

  1. Understanding the terminology around HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)
  2. How Emotions play a large role in how a HSP communicates his/her ideas, thoughts and emotions.
  3. How HSP’s are more susceptible to ‘burn-out’ and a simple step in recognizing the path towards burn-out to combat it
  4. Coping mechanisms for both parents, educators, adults and children to manage their HSP talents
  5. Perception vs Habituation
  6. Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Intro-Extrovert traits and HSP – the similarities and differences.
  7. The impact of HSP knowledge to achieve the Global Goals


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