FFH 31: Breaking the Stigma on Ageism with Arthur Vibert

This episode is for you if you’ve never heard of ageism and the stigma around it.


From an early age, children pick up cues from those around them about their culture’s stereotypes and prejudices, which are soon internalized. People then use these stereotypes to make inferences and to guide their feelings and behaviour towards people of different ages and towards themselves. Ageism often intersects and interacts with other forms of stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination, including ableism, sexism and racism. Multiple intersecting forms of bias compound disadvantage and make the effects of ageism on individuals’ health and well-being even worse.


At Future Forward Hub, we believe this to be a stigma that needs to be broken – how do we do that? Through conversing and becoming aware that this stigma exists.


Today we speak on this episode about:

  • Why has ageism become a stigma?
  • Is creativity a solution to ageism?
  • Cultural influences that can support ageism
  • Is it necessary to educate older people on the ways of now? Does this not overwhelm them?
  • Is Ageism a disadvantage?



Arthur’s website https://www.arthurvibert.com/


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