FFH 32: Re-Discovering The Love For Learning With Respected Educators with Megan Sweet

This episode is for you, if you’re a parent or educator who is looking to heal the educational system to not only support the students but the educators as well. Because at the end of the day, when educators aren’t happy in their jobs as teachers, this will mirror onto their students who will in turn not love the education being taught and falling out of learning – which affects the economy when kids are illiterate and have low self-esteem and worth around learning and taking risks.

Today we speak on this episode about:


  1. Educational systems that work and set examples of finding joy in learning and teaching
  2. How important is self-care for educators?
  3. What are the 3 eyes system that educators need to re-ignite their love and passion for education
  4. Ideas for re-wiring the educational system for both educators and students
  5. Why do we neglect the educators and how can we change the negative thinking?



  1. Megan’s website and where you can find her book https://www.your3eyes.com/
  2. Megan’s favourite songs on Spotifys’ Future Forward Hub ContributorPlaylist..

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