FFH 33: From Painful Should’s To Pleasurable Being, For a Delicious Life And Business

This episode is for you if you’re someone who’s been a constant do-er, giving more than what your cup is full with and constantly living in a state of guilt and shame wanting to ensure everyone else has it good before you.


The answer? Pleasure … this is what’s missing from our lives – this is what turns the painful living into pleasurable moments and memories, helping us achieve, as a community the global goals of Good Health and Well Being and Decent Work and Economic Growth.


Today we speak on this episode about:

  1. What is pleasure?
  2. What is pussy-coaching and how does this help the economy grow positively and ensure good health and well being?
  3. How do we break the stigma on leadership that is led from a place of doing to a place of being in pleasure?
  4. How do we bridge the gap between loving and loathing yourself?
  5. What does it mean to celebrate your life?
  6. What is feminine energy and how do we live in it?




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