FFH 35: The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

This episode is for you, if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner. Especially, if you’ve been managing building your dream and business with (or without) a team and have been struggling emotionally, mentally and physically with ‘making that dream happen’.


Entrepreneurship is not easy and it has a very dark side to it, that, when left unattended, will cause depression, anxiety and negative behaviours.


Entrepreneurs are helping us achieve the Global goals Decent Work and Economic Growth as well as Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. However, what doesn’t get seen or spoken about is the dark side of entrepreneurship which affects our mental health – which is part of the Global Goal of Good Health and Well Being. This episode aims to have the conversation around the dark side of entrepreneurship and that it IS real and needs to be conversed on.


Should you or anyone you know of need guidance on anxiety, depression or negative behaviours in their entrepreneurship journey, please get in contact with us so that we can refer you to information and guidance to assist you towards Good Health and Well Being. Email: hello@futureforwardhub.com  

Today we speak on this episode about:

  1. (01:43) Feeling depressed and alone? Being an Entrepreneur is not easy
  2. (02:04) How to stay focused with tenacity
  3. (06:47) How to cope with fear
  4. (09:57) How to trust and let go
  5. (11:20) Thoughts and emotion and what it attracts
  6. (14:22) How to implement Soul Brand Marketing
  7. (16:18) Replace fear with positive learning
  8. (17:40) Support for Entrepreneurs



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