FFH 38: How To Be Ultra Spiritual with JP Spears

This episode is for you, if you’re someone who’s been living most of their lives in a world of contrasts and not really knowing how to align both worlds to make it liveable for YOU, without rocking everyone else’s boat and staying true to yourself.


In order to make an impact, the change you seek to make an impact around needs to be found within yourself first, and this episode aims at assisting you with some starting points on building your creativity whilst being spiritual and intellectual as well as using comedy as a tool to communicate your messaging.

Today we speak on this episode about:

  1. JP’s book “How to be Ultra Spiritual”, expressing creativity, the writing journey and why JP felt compelled to write his book.
  2. The evolution of working 1:1, creating comedic videos, life changes, feeling of value and the feeling of accumulating over 100 million views on his Ultra Spiritual comedy series.
  3. The inward process, shutting off, focussing and being at one with the creative muse when being creative.
  4. Leading with the message of self awareness and self connection.
  5. Rethinking how you think about life and the power of believing in yourself.
  6. The three peaks in your following your purpose.
  7. Comedy and how the power of laughing can make you more aware.



  1. JP’s website https://awakenwithjp.com/

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