FFH 39: Reinventing the Relationship with Education with Aneta Londa

This episode is for you, if you’re passionate about quality education, especially for 14-20 year old’s, who don’t fit into the current educational system, but have the potential for doing great things in their own way – but don’t yet know what that way is.

Today we converse on this episode about:

  1. Reinventing the relationship with quality education
  2. What it means to stand out in a crowd and show up with your differences
  3. What it means to give your strengths a voice
  4. What education is currently being implemented for 14-20 year olds to reach their highest potential outside of the current educational system
  5. How the idea of Moonshot Pirates came about
  6. The not-so-simplistic world of entrepreneurship



Moonshot Pirates Website: www.moonshotpirates.com 


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