FFH 40: How do you develop a positive work ethic when you don’t enjoy your job or find it interesting anymore?

With Eva Gruber and Adil Amarsi


This episode is for you if you’re struggling with keeping a positive work ethic when you don’t enjoy your job or find it interesting anymore. This is a loaded question, which we aim to converse and answer on, as best we can in this short amount of time.

Today we converse on this episode about:

  1. Personal moments in which we didn’t enjoy our job or find it intersting anymore.
  2. The role that people-pleasing plays in work ethic and the meaning thereof
  3. How are Millenials, Gen Z’s and Gen Y’s dealing with the hardship of work ethic?
  4. What do we need to reframe around work ‘ethic’ for the future?
  5. Motivation and the role it plays in your job positivity
  6. The key to creating a work ethic that is aligned with a job that we love




Eva Gruber – https://evagruber.org/


Eva Gruber founded 2 ventures, and supported hundreds of challenged people. She is trained by and collaborates with leading researchers and experts, like Professor BJ Fogg PhD (Stanford University) or neuroscientist Shirzad Chamine (Positive Intelligence). She has been featured as a speaker at events and podcasts, as a co-author, and an executive contributor for the magazine Brainz. She lives in Vienna/Austria with her French fiance, her yoga mat, and an adventurer’s mind. Connect on LinkedIn.


Adil Amarsi –  https://adilamarsi.com/ 


From Billy Mays to today

My story started when I was 5 years old. My dad was paralyzed from the waist down due to a herniated disc.

During those 2 years I spent 2 hours a day, 6 days a week watching Billy Mays and other great pitchmen on the home shopping channel – my dad loved it and I’d wait for him to move so I could watch cartoons.

Fast forward to me aged 12 (2001), my parents and I are told by my teachers that I have a brilliant mind but I can’t write quickly.


So I ended up spending an hour after school writing stories for my dad. At 18 years old I decided to dabble in copywriting, at 19 I fully committed. And as a gift, my dad told me that the stories I had written for him as a teenager actually were used to sell products of his via direct mail.


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