FFH 41: Banish binge eating for good with janine wirth

This episode is for you, if you’re wanting to scrape the slate clean and be who you were meant to be before bad things happened to you. Trauma affects how we parent, show up in our careers as well as personal relationships. By healing that broken part deep within, everything else naturally improves. Janine creates more awareness about trauma and how it affects you later in life.Today we converse on this episode about:


1.(10:10) How trauma connects to your life as an entrepreneur

2.(12:41) Binge eating–how it affects one’s life

3.(16:30) Rapid Transformational Therapy–how it works

4.(21:05) How trauma was never talked about as early as in the 70’s

5.(24:15) Entrepreneurs and their ideas–how they come up with it

6.(27:39) What is binge eating



Website: https://www.banishbingeeating.com/free-15day-self-care-challenge/



Janine Wirth writes:


‘my relationship with trauma started in my childhood. I had a traumatized mother who wasn’t available to me and after experiencing many of my own traumatic events including surviving a violent hijacking, kidnapping and attempted rape at gunpoint, I knew I didn’t want to be a traumatized mother to my own children. I had the opportunity to change direction from corporate sales and management to psychotherapy, RTT hypnotherapy and life coaching. Founder and creator of the ground-breaking programmes,‘Freedom from your traumatic childhood’ and ‘Banish Binge Eating for Good’ Janine is a certified psychotherapist, life coach and clinical hypnotherapist with a global virtual practice, enabling her to help women worldwide from the comfort of their own homes. She resides in Germany with her husband and three children.


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