In this ever-evolving age, the shift to technology was inevitable, but thanks to COVID-19 what was expected to be a gradual change in pace was expedited to a couple of months of drastic measures. A recent online workshop with Daniela Sturm who works with renowned companies such as Red Bull and Skidata, and is a dedicated expert in the field of global talent management and development, shares that the digital world has accelerated by five years!


As the entire world was facing uncertainty when companies were closing their offices and implementing work-from-home protocols, and people were stranded in countries that weren’t their own, and countries were forced to the confinements of their home’s four walls, we as humans were faced with the reality of it all. What is life when stripped down to the very bare minimum? Some people thrived having had more time than ever, others caved having had time to deal with their own emotional state, but almost everyone realized that it is time for a collective change.


Now it has been over a year of living in a pandemic, and society is gradually learning how to re-emerge and reconvene in a post-pandemic world. As the effort for reconnection is initiated, the event industry is stepping up. The conversations have started about how the pandemic affected education, businesses, and lives as a whole, and we need to make sure that these conversations turn into actions. This is why Future Forward Hub is hosting its very first live podcast event in November 2021. The podcast has always believed in the possibility of change through conversation, and now these conversations are turning into actions.


Events have always been at the heart of society and culture, but the pandemic has changed the world and caused a shift in the significance of what it means to attend an event.

The meaning of an event has changed in terms of:

  • The connotation to the term “events”
  • The significance of attending an event


The term “event”  has taken on so many forms in the last couple of months. It is no longer only considered an event when you go to an arena to listen to your favourite artist perform or when you get dressed up for a conference in the city. Now there are live sessions for you to attend, there’s IGTV, Facebook live, virtual tours, Online conferences, and the list goes on and on. Regardless of whether it is for social or professional purposes, if it connects you with a community it is seen as an event.


This shift to attending something virtually and calling it an event has, however, led to “virtual event fatigue”. The search to stay connected has turned into always being connected but without the satisfaction of human interaction.


As Future Forward Hub gears up for an interactive online event experience, the focus will be on community building and connection. These focal points, along with different camera shots, interesting conversational topics and gamification, are how we will avoid this virtual event fatigue.


Events have gone from being just another extracurricular activity to something you schedule your life around. The pandemic made us realise that it’s no longer about the event itself, but rather about the interaction and connection that it offers. These two are ultimately what we crave and seek from attending anything.


Connecting virtually throughout the pandemic has made us more aware of how being connected ties in with the state of our mental health. The profound researcher on guilt, shame, vulnerability, belonging, and leadership, Bréne Brown, has shared how community and connection between people are important. It’s important for us to not only get to know and understand one another but to know ourselves better as well.


Her TedTalk on vulnerability places a focus on worthiness and the necessity of vulnerability when it comes to human connection that is more relevant than ever. We need to get out of our minds, into our hearts and communicate with one another.



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As humanity came to a standstill, we started to grasp the things that made us feel better – arts, conversation, nature. This is evident in the new recreation visitation records that were set in 15 of the US National parks* despite the closures and is also discussed in a Reconvene video regarding “why we gather” with Priya Parker.


We’ve always known that there is more to the 9-5 grind, but we never had the chance to make the change, to challenge the world, to reach past our own circles towards bigger communities.


Until now.

Now we have this constantly evolving sphere of events to carry this change forward. We have game-changer entrepreneurs eager to grow, industry leaders that are more receptive to the public’s voice, and a global change of heart.


  • Technological advancement

Being isolated and needing to keep in touch forced the public to embrace technology like never before. This urgency for technology allowed innovation to take place and gave way to a new era of AI and contactless efforts.

  • Deeper Connections

By having had social interaction removed, people are looking for a platform to connect personally and not just professionally. They want to attend an event to remember and to reflect upon.

  • Accessibility

The audience is no longer restricted to location. With the practicality of virtual events and the endless possibilities of hybrid events, which allows those who wish to stay home the option to, more people are able to attend events.

  • Global Change

The pandemic has allowed for change to happen on a global scale. The public wants to make a positive change, they want to be a part of something bigger and better. In terms of mental health awareness, challenging education systems.

  • Individual action

The world is awakening to the power of community! This means not having to wait on the governments, celebrities, or big brands to create action steps. Action is now being arranged by the people – which is long overdue. On TikTok communities that aren’t big names but have had great impacts via lives are Evelyn and Sherry McKay to mention but two in this tidal wave of change.


The biggest way to encourage change is to engage in conversation, to talk about the things that need changing, to converse about how we can make that change happen.


We’ve reached a point where people want to talk, they want to listen, and want to be educated, and what better way to use this newfound momentum than to discuss the bigger things?

Change isn’t up to the authorities, the government, or the leaders. It is up to us to discuss and implement what kind of change is needed!


Take action, be a part of a community and open yourself up for growth!

I want you to join me alongside thirty-six other contributors to listen, discuss and start towards implementing change at this year’s live podcast event hosted by Future Forward Hub.


The World Health Organisation’s’ Global Goals are centered around working towards a better world and what we can do to contribute, and I plan as an Ambassador, for us to take these goals and to turn them into realities. The live podcast event is not just an event, it is a platform to join a community of game-changers. If you have wanted to make a change and did not know how, this is how.


The event focuses on 6 of the World Health Organisation’s’ Global Goals:

    1. Good Health and Wellbeing
    2. Quality Education
    3. Gender Equality
    4. Decent Work and Economic Growth
    5. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
    6. Reduced Inequalities


Join Future Forward Hub virtually in taking action towards global change! In this two-day live event, we will not only discuss the six global goals, but we will attend workshops around implementing these goals and get a chance to talk to other game-changing individuals.

This opportunity for change is not restricted to the 2 days of the live event, but rather kicks off FOUR weeks prior to the live podcast event date, in which networking for global change is initiated.


So what is keeping you from attending an event that you can access from anywhere?

Nothing, so book your ticket today to attend the live podcast event and be a part of the change!



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