FFH 02: The Pattern Of Gender Inequality In Society

This 45-minute episode delves into Gender (In)Equality, one of the World Health Organisation’s Global Goals.

We know that the main focus is on women – we, however, see Gender Equality for all genders, race and age.

It’s good to have a focus, however, what we have found is that us humans like to not only focus but put it all in a box – label it – and in turn, things become ‘stigma’s’ – which we want to learn to break.

Today I’m joined by Future Forward Hub’s resident contributors Karin Monster-Peters >> An energy healer with a vast background in psychology, education, parenting and life purpose work and Leah Hanna, a teacher by trade and humanitarianism by heart, where we’ll be conversing on the topic of Gender (In)Equality – one of the WHO 17 Global Goals.

Come join us – we’d love to have you onboard!

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