why the next podcast guest speaker should be you


As professionals, we are conditioned into thinking that all of that training we underwent, all of this time that we spend at work, is ultimately who we are. We exert ourselves in a profession, where we give it most, if not all, of our energy. It’s easy to accept that what we spend most of our daily lives doing should be our most prominent personality trait.


As a gentle reminder, we are not just our professions. We are also the books we read, the people we encounter, the problems we have faced, and even that vacation we went on that taught us a valuable life lesson. There is a part of us that knows we are not just one thing, and that is the part of us that engages in conversations about things that we are not professionals in. And we do that because we want to learn and grow.


This is where the beautiful platform of podcasting comes in. Most book recommendations are being replaced by the “podcasts to listen to” movement, where we listen to people from all walks of life engage in things that are bigger than them. It has brought light to accepting that we all have a valid opinion, we all have picked up valuable knowledge along the way despite what our professions would have us believe.


Being a guest on a podcast can seem like a scary endeavour, so why put yourself through it? Because your opinion matters and the world deserves to hear it!

If that is not reason enough, you gain so much more than just stage fright when you decide to participate as a speaker on a podcast.


As a speaker, you stand to gain:


The opportunity to discuss your viewpoint and beyond

A Space to grow

Network with purpose-driven people

The ability to implement change

Why discuss something you are not necessarily a 'professional' of?

Speaking up about something that you are not an expert in is a way for the world to engage. Industry experts don’t retain the right to hold the best opinion on something. Of course, we’re not talking about the insight of a doctor when you have a stomach ache. No, we’re talking about the bigger things; take the World Health Organisation’s Global Goals for instance. Future Forward Hub is a podcast centered around 6 of their goals and provides the space for education, mental health, and stigmas to be a part of the conversation. A conversation that involves teenagers, through to housewives, through to the game-changing entrepreneurs.

Discussing the difficult realities around the world alongside the changes that have already been implemented does not make you a podcast motivational speaker, but it does make space for these changes to become a permanent positive constant.

Space to grow.

When looking for a podcast to listen to we decide on something that would add value to our daily lives; something valuable to replace the silence with. Luckily for us, podcasting has taken the art of conversation and transformed it into a medium that covers almost every aspect of our lives. Whether or not you need a motivational pep talk on your morning run, a true-crime documentary for the drive home, or even just a refreshing point of view during your lunch break- there’s a podcaster out there that covers that. This wide selection of topics means that somewhere out there is a space for your voice, where you can share what you know and that will allow you to grow.


Growth requires a space for it to be fostered, and that space is found in giving your own opinions on a podcast episode. By giving your own opinion and then listening to the opinions of others you are opening yourself up for growth through understanding and acceptance. This internal growth links with the growth that occurs when you engage in conversation with people who allow your opinion to be heard.



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The importance of a like-minded network.

From a business perspective, companies have turned to podcasting as it is a new way where marketing can be applied. In an attempt to close the gap between corporate and personal, this approach has turned into a valuable asset in how branding can help businesses in terms of accessibility.


Despite causing a shift in what advertising means, podcasting has also opened up a great way for networking. But unlike before, where you had to send stiff emails in hopes of making a valuable impression, you can now make an informed decision on who you truly want to network with. You’ve listened to them discuss matters that mattered to them and based on this you will decide if you want to be a podcast guest speaker on their show. By having this choice you are not only growing your network, but you are also creating a network that resonates with your values.

A platform for change.

At Future Forward Hub we focus on conversations that go beyond the obvious. The podcast aims to bring together worldwide Contributors to simply converse on topics that need to be discussed. These conversations are a way for real people to talk about their beliefs and the way they see the world, there is no ‘one truth’, no real answer to what is being discussed. The podcast is a platform for change, to give its listeners something to think about, and for these listeners to start the discussion again with whomever they choose. 

Change takes more than the idea of conversation, it needs the conversation to take place, and what better place to sit down and have a conversation than on a podcast? Because you have opinions and passions beyond your profession, so isn’t it time you engaged?

Be a guest speaker,

As a guest speaker on a podcast, you get to discuss things that matter to you, and at Future Forward Hub you can engage in conversations that aim to break the stigma and to put an end to those unnecessary labels. If you want to be a part of the conversations reach out to Future Forward Hub by applying to be a speaker here. We believe that we all have something important to share and I strongly believe you do too!

Not ready to voice your opinion just yet? In an episode with Kat Brendel, we discuss the importance of podcasts and how a different voice can help in getting a certain point across.



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